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Landscaping a yard is an exciting and fun project, but there are dozens of things that can make it challenging, and one of those things is when a property has a slope to it. A sloped property can lead to drainage issues that will need to be addressed, it makes creating garden beds more difficult, and even playing in the yard can be awkward. But one of the best ways to get around a sloped yard is to create a retaining wall.

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After years of wear and tear from leaking fluids, inclement weather, dropping heavy tools, and day-to-day parking, you have decided to replace your driveway. When repairs are becoming more and more frequent, the expense of maintenance is adding up, when there are unsightly cracks or potholes, replacing the driveway is probably the best decision. But the decisions aren’t over quite yet.

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is what you are replacing your driveway with. Even though concrete and asphalt are the most common materials, there are...

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Pavers are a wonderful addition to any landscape, whether they’re used for a driveway, a walkway through the garden, a pool deck, or a patio. But just like any other hardscaping element, there is some maintenance involved in order to keep the pavers looking their best. Even though pavers don’t require a lot of maintenance, it’s important to understand what should be done in order to keep them from cracking, to prevent weeds from growing, and to keep them from settling.

If you’re considering adding concrete pavers to your landscape or creating a custom driveway or sidewalk, the...


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