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Top Reasons to Install a Retaining Wall

Landscaping a yard is an exciting and fun project, but there are dozens of things that can make it challenging, and one of those things is when a property has a slope to it. A sloped property can lead to drainage issues that will need to be addressed, it makes creating garden beds more difficult, and even playing in the yard can be awkward. But one of the best ways to get around a sloped yard is to create a retaining wall.


What is a Retaining Wall?

Just as the name suggests, a retaining wall is a structure, or wall, that is built into the property to help retain, or keep in place, soil and rocks. These structures can be made using several different materials, such as concrete, stone, or pavers, and they can go a long way in protecting the safety and appearance of the property.


Biggest Reasons to Build a Retaining Wall For Your Florida Property

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Prevents Soil Erosion

When there is a slope in the landscape, when it rains or is windy, it can cause the soil to flow down the slope or hill. Over time, this will lead to serious erosion and damage to the soil. Soil erosion can then lead to mudslides or landslides, blocked drainage systems, and can even cause issues with your home’s structural integrity. A retaining wall will keep the soil in place and prevent it from washing away after rain and wind storms.

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Limits the Risk of Flooding

No homeowner wants to deal with flooding on their property, but with heavy rains and tropical storms in the Florida region, flooding is a significant concern. A retaining wall will help reduce the risks of flooding by helping to direct the flow of water away from your home, or at least prevent water from pooling in the low spots of your landscape. It can also act as a barrier that prevents flooding.

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Creates Usable Space

If you really want a flower bed or vegetable garden in your yard, but there is too steep a slope to accommodate it, then a retaining wall can help create usable space. By digging into the slope and building a wall, it creates a horizontal ground space where a garden can be added, a concrete patio, walkway, or even raised beds or seating areas. Retaining walls are often built so that homeowners have an attractive space to plant flowers and shrubs along the top of the wall.

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Prevents Significant Landscape Maintenance

Again, soil erosion can lead to a host of problems. If there was a mudslide, if landscaping features were damaged due to collapsed soil, or if trees were damaged because the roots no longer had soil to live in, there could be significant maintenance costs. In addition to the cost, these issues wreak havoc on the overall appearance of the lawn. Investing in a retaining wall can help prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.

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Adds an Architectural Elements

With a very flat landscape, it can be difficult to create features that add architectural value. A retaining wall can provide a landscape with one of the most functional and beautiful features. When designed and built correctly, a retaining wall can feature steps, a landing area for seating, and can provide space for flowers and plants. Even though retaining walls are initially built out of necessary to prevent erosion, they can provide an immense amount of beauty and opportunity for a landscape.


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